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I have been told I had ibs I have had this for many years unable to go out without

Planning my journey knowing and mapping out toilets, has ruled my life , I have done my own research over ten years, and I now know I have BAM bile acid malabsorption I take powder for this but now waiting on a new tablet to treat this, I find the word ibs as misleading it does not cover the issue that concerns you but covers lots of things making it confusing to anyone with ibs, finding your root cause is the only way to go

B A M is the main cause of diarrhoea hope this helps all that suffers from this desiese

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Get yourself a RADAR key which will open any disabled toilet in the UK and from the IBS Society get an 'I can't wait card'. It comes with several language translations and I used my card about 3 times in Italy when on holiday recently


Hi thanks for the advise but I find it hard to show a I can't wait card

I feel am abnormal


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