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Possible ulcerativ colitis?

Came back from my 1st holiday in 9 yrs I'll with a heavy cold but had started to loose weight on my holiday. A few weeks ago I was diagnosed with a uti ( complaint going to docs as they were neglectful ) but had been losing weight although I had been eating but did have some diarrhoea and constipation. I have noticed that my poo has a complete white sleeve on some of it and I have lower stomach cramps , no appetite and have lost nearly 1stone in 6 weeks. My doctors have sent a urine sample off and a letter for a bladder and kidney scan. It's puzzling as I also am gluten sensitive and have an under active thyroid gland (17yrs ) , any one else had symptons like this ?

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Poor you, all I know is pale stools can be a symptom of gf sensitivity/coeliac. Ask for test on stools also. Good luck


Just been to doctors and have a long list of blood tests for tomorrow.


Good, start with the most likely and work from there. Best wishes


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