Visceral hypersensitivity from Ibs-c

Hello I am trying to cope with visceral sensitivity from ibs-c .... The pain after I finally move my bowels lasts all day. I have tried stress management counseling, Lexapro, heat, teas and tylenol. I have had a full GI work up. It is very frustrating and debilitating especially since I am a nurse practitioner and should be able to treat myself. Did anyone have anything similar and if so what has helped? Thank you, Elaine

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  • I too have this pain after I move my bowels. Apart from drinking peppermint tea, I usually have to resort to pain killers in the end, even though I don't like to.

  • Hi Elaine

    I have heard of great things from trigger point massage. Medications just dull the pain, but don't treat the source of the pain. I saw a lot of good information on Trigger Point Therapist and trigger point massage, aka myofascial release massage is particularly effective with tools such as IC Relief and Therawand. Do try and get to the core of the pain, good luck! If you are in the UK practitioners such as Dr Ruth Jones are brilliant, also look out for a US therapist/Author called Amy Stein. Fortunately NICE have decided that here in the UK painkillers are the not the first line treatment for pelvic pain here in the UK and a patient is referred to a physiotherapist. This is a great start because the painkillers are a vicious circle. Good luck, you'll have lots of trials and errors, but there will be a solution!

    Good luck


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