Is this normal?

Daft question as I know there is no such thing as normal with ibs!

I have had erratic bowel movements for the past few years. Often sporadic - I have long periods of no symptoms but urgency, loose stools and bleeding are all things I've experienced. The bleeding was investigated with my gp who diagnosed piles after a digi exam. The loose stools and urgency I think is a down to poor diet and anxiety issues.

Lately I'm experiencing constipation in that I'm going to the toilet for up to 3 or 4 days but when I do I get diarrhoea and lots of wind. Is this normal? Can you be constipated but still have diarrhoea? Any ideas on how to resolve this? I never experience pain thankfully and although I have always worried about bowel cancer I don't think my symptoms are really reflective of that (other than the change in bowel habit). Any ideas?

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  • You may have IBS A in other words alternating between diarhoea and constipation. Try cutting out dairy and gluten for a couple of weeks and see if it helps. Also read up on FODMAPS which is an exclusion diet to help you find out what triggers your IBS. Developed by Monash University in Australia they have an app which will help you immensely.

  • yes ..i experience the same sometimes ..i call it constipated diahrrea or rebound diahhrea ..i don't really know why it happens doctor said it is the nature of ibs to alternate and change from time to time he assured me that it is nomal.

    Food can be a trigger or an overdose of antispasmodic drugs such as buscopan and librax ..still searching for a way to resolve it ..but just to assure you that it happens usually to ibs sufferers .

  • I stopped my UC, completely, 12 years of hell, what I did was drink Volvic water 1 litre/day, then when I became too wet if that happens to you it'll fel as if the water passes through, I decided to try silica capsules made from Bamboo gel (Health Food Shop), Lambert's. It will show you changes first, improvements aren't instant, for me better than any drugs!

    I have never gone on an elimination diet to see if I could be allergic to any food, but how could you be allergic to food? All this misses the point, but this is unspoken as it seems to me nobody will admit aluminium is the cause.

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