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I used to think doctors had all the answers

I used to think doctors had all the answers

This is my first post I really don't know what to say. I'm not even sure if I have this condition. This they are Crohn's. This have this got this the other may be the? Basically, I don't know and they put idiopathic before they say the condition which basically means I don't know, so I've had a big section of my: taken out because of a stricture of hospital two months Sergei was hell. Recovery was worse. I hallucinated a whole weekend under their drugs. The pain was incredible. Afterwards, do I feel any better, no still get pain still get constipation still don't Wanna eat them. I will need everything but I'm in a wheelchair. I have other problems I have narcolepsy. Just call me the 1% because I decided that's what my condition is called the 1%. So if anybody just wants to chat have no answers. I just keep going and open it will get better and sometimes that strategy works and other days it doesn't. And I'm sad about cry and I get over it and kill it jewellery. It stops me from being wholly brain-dead and now I just need to talk to people. I guess because it's weird, always thinking about toilets and what to leave without going with her. I don't even know why worry because I have no sense of taste or smell. This is a remarkable be the texture they say that I've probably got Crohn's and today have developed ulcers in my mouth which I have no idea what that is what I really can't bothered to go to any doctor say anything them to tell me sorry, we don't know what is going to the pharmacy to my carer is and get something over-the-counter is so sick of hospitals. I think I may have spent around 6 1/2 months in hospital this year and done so if anybody has any comments it'll be great to somebody

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Have you been tested for celiac? I had 1/3 of my large bowel removed last year due to constant bowel obstruction and was in hospital 15 times in 2 years so know how you feel. I have slow transit constipation which means the nerves and muscles in my bowel don't work. I take 2 laxido a day now. I also have an under active thyroid which affects the whole body especially the bowel. Have you been tested for this too. Hope you get some answers soon x


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