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I'm new to this particular forum as I've had lots of other health problems & my ibs gets put to the bottom of the list and I don't know much about it so forgive me. Mine's very sporadic and can go away for a long time and then come back and be fairly frequent and does seem to be worse since I hit the menopause. When I get it really bad I get panic attacks the same time through no external reason and they go once the problems settle which can last up to 2 hours very bad diarrhoea. Before that I had mostly constipation through my life with bouts of diarrhoea. I also get very bad nausea at the same time and I can go into a hot sweat and then really cold and vice a versa alternating. But the thing I've noticed the most is if I put my hands on the area on my abdomen where my bowels are at the sides it's a raging hot through the skin and the pain is terrible. I found better than my colpermin prescription is a paracetamol which calms the nervous system down as well as treating pain and acts pretty quickly. It helps with other nervous system problems as I have functional neurological disorder for which this is a symptom. Anyway looking forward to hearing any comments or shared info. Anyone else out there like this? God bless.

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