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I'm going back to the Doc's AGAIN to see a different GP & insist on something different from the "its probably just IBS type diagnosis"

I started a food & symptoms diary on the 1st & my appointment is on the 20th. Do you think that is long enough to get enough information?

Also going to make a proper list of symptoms, feelings thoughts etc. So I don't forget to mention anything.

I am not going to cancel my appointment if you say no.

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A 20-day food diary should be enough time to spot any obvious patterns but if the triggers are more complex it might not be easy to identify a specific food, and your doctor might not know enough to detect a pattern. E.g. if you have an intolerance to certain FODMAPs, which might be ubiquitous in your diet, you might not see a pattern emerge. However, I'm also glad to see that you're capturing your moods etc. as these can also be a trigger.

Can I ask a question though? Apart from the flippancy of the "it's probably just IBS" type diagnosis, is there a reason you don't like this diagnosis? I mean, do you think your doctor has missed something more serious, or do you think you've probably got something else and the doctors just aren't interested in finding out precisely what?


Have you had a colonoscopy and/or gastroscopy to determine that there is no other bowel condition being the cause of your symptoms

You should definitely keep the GP appointment


I agree with cricketqueen,ndefinitely keep the appointment - should be offered some investigatative work to find out if there is an underlying cause, be that bloods, colon/gastroscopy.


Hello Fyinmarty, yes definatly keep your appointment. I too had a dr. just say i had I.B.S. But when i had went to another doctor for a second opinion, they had found i also had a c-difficile infection. This infection was the first cause in the beginning of my bowel troubles. After the 2nd dr. had said the infection was cleared i was still dealing with the diarea/constipation problems, in which he had said that it was caused from post infection I.B.S. I too had started keeping a food journal for myself and had finally found that dairy was the culprit to my problems. After certain types of bacterial infections you can become lactose intolerant due to immune system not only attacking the bad bacteria but the good necessary bacteria as well. After going dairy free for 2 weeks i was having normal bowel movements and no more stomach pains. I also found after some research, that there is lactase pills you can take to help digest dairy,but just don't over do the dairy still but they help. I hope this helps you out and i hope you feel better soon-"Good Luck"


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