Hi have a look please it might change your life

Hi just joined, thought I would tell you about a book I got called Cooking for the Sensitive Gut it's all about IBS and how it affects us, how we can manage it and take back control of our life. It's got loads of recipes from breakfasts to main meals and they have vegetarian alternatives to. It's been written by a Gastroenterologist so he knows what he's talking about. I've found a big difference already no more laxido for me.

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  • HI can you PM me a link for this book please, many thanks

  • Hi I got the book from Amazon it costs £13.59 and is worth the money

  • Hi, thank you for that, I will check it out. Glad it's made a difference to you :)

  • I've also bought this book but haven't tried the recipes yet. I'm now encouraged to have a go. I think it was recommended on the ibs network site somewhere.

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