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Hello. I am now 56 and have suffered from IBS since I was 16 years old. I have no idea why really although my symptoms did improve when I was taking Seroxat and Citilapram. I am currently drug free but thinking about going back on anti-depressants. I would, however, like to find other effective avenues...watch this space for updates. Happy health everyone x

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Hi there.

Hello. Avoid Seroxat it is addictive and many people have difficulty coming off it. It is also known to have suicidal side effects. It's evil stuff.

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Thanks for your reply. I came off Seroxat a few years back. I agree it wasn't nice but I kept focused so was able to deal with the negative impact. In fairness, whilst I was on it I was able to live a "normal" life in terms of IBS in a way I hadn't done for years. I did find Citilapram an all round more "gentle" drug


Hi Larks. I am also 56 and have suffered from ibs since 1986. I found seroxat good for me but cannot have it now as taking tamoxifen after suffering breast cancer. I am now on citalopram and it has really helped. I take just 10mg per day and can live my life again. Good luck finding an alternative as I know it's not ideal being on anti depressants but after suffering for 30 years I'm thankful I have found something that helps. Bev :)


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