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IBS on holiday - probiotics?

Hi all, I'm wondering if any of you may be able to offer some advice really!

I've only really become aware of having an IBS-D type issue the last year or so, and generally I can self manage it. It tends to be triggered more by stress/anxiety (bit of a vicious cycle) and some particular foods too.

I recently took antibiotics for tonsillitis which really gave me issues but since then, the last month or so have been ok. I drink an actimel every other day which seems to keep it under control, and when I'm having a flare up I take an Immodium which seems to work. However if I don't take the actimel regularly it does have repercussions it seems. I'm very worried as I'm going away for a week with my partner next week and as we are going abroad, I won't be able to take Actimel with me. We've been away before and last year I really suffered and ended up spending a day stuck in the hotel room suffering and trying to recover :( Obviously I really don't want this to happen again. I was thinking of trying some probiotic tablets as a replacement for the actimel so was wondering if you can recommend any! I'm relatively new to this so any advice managing abroad would be appreciated. My boyfriend is aware of my issues but obviously it's unpleasant so I'd rather try and maintain it best I can.

Thanks in advance!

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As for a probiotic i would really recommend 'Alflorex' (look it up online) although it can take up to four weeks to work and I would also recommend you take a course of 'Enterosgel' (this stuff is brilliant) and this you can take with you on holiday. Hope this helps.

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Thanks so much for the tips, I will definitely look in to those!


Probiotics are a great idea! i find they always help! i currently take probiotics and yakult - sadly im having rather ling bad flare up! but something i highly highly recommend taking for travelling is bimuno travel aid! these are chewy pastels, you take one week prior to travelling then for the duration! They are a type of prebiotic i believe and they help get your stomach used to new bacteria! i ave IBS D and it tends to be fairly manageable and sounds just like yours, caused my stress or anxiety and certain foods and travelling can lead to all those things in one go and i have had more than one holiday ruined by it! But i started taking fybogel daily which stops the urgency - and this can be easily packed and then i decided to go travelling around south east asia so i took bimuno travel aid for 3 months! and i had NO issues!!! a friend of mind travelled india and he also had no issues! So for travelling i highly recommend giving it a try! :) bimuno.com x


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