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Anyone out there on disability for ibs/microscopic coitis? Iam sick to the point I cant work at times I have missed a lot of time at work with no pay. My current dr just igonores my pleas to go out on disability , does not understand I am losing money and slowely losing my job . I have tried everything, diets, meds, fod map, nothing works for me. I am seeing a new gastro in a week I pray he can help me.

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  • I totally feel for you. Similarly I have had all the scans/tests done, I also don't get paid when I have to take time off work.

    I'm very doubtful most of us would qualify for any disability benefits, however if it is affecting your job, see your employer and explain the situation, in the meantime the new consultant will hopefully help, you could I guess either choose to leave work in favour of claiming benefits until things are sorted, your Gp can't do much with regards to this other than sign you off from your current work, its up to you to decide if you are able to continue working, then its a matter of signing on (which is not fun and pretty soul destroying actually) However this is a decision only you can make, personally I'd start with speaking to your line manager, if they consider you unfit to work due to the amount of sick leave you are taking this would work in your favour I guess if thinking of claiming a disability benefit. You apply for incapacity benefit through the job centre plus.

    Best of luck, I know its hard, I struggle weekly but am loathed to give up my job as it is important for me to have another focus, at home I tend to think and worry more about whats wrong with me!!!

  • thank you there is no disability insurance at my job. I also was denied sick leave, I have no sick days left. hoping new dr can help. i also get sick to the point I need to be in bed at times , working is very difficult for me. I hope I can find some help!

  • My heart goes out to you and I really hope that the different doctor actually listens - this is a disability when you have it that bad x

  • thank you for your understanding

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