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Frustration at apparent indifference of doctors is common. In reality, they don't know what to do except offer anti-depressants which can be helpful for some. Otherwise, having done the usual tests to rule out more sinister causes, they are helpless. Stress and anxiety plays such a big part that it is easy to feel patronised and angry at the lack of help. Unfortunately, after a lifetime of IBS the vicious circle becomes so entrenched that it is hard to know which comes first. Therapies like CBT might help, but the waiting list is too long to be practical at my age. I have heard there is an online therapy called "Fearfighter" which can only be obtained through a GP, and I am going to ask about it. I have tried everything else - none of the diets work for very long. The constant misery and apprehension just make life so hard.

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I know exactly how you feel, I control my ibs with diet but had a really bad reaction to eggs at the weekend and seem to be back to square one. I am on antidepressants. Doesn't help ibs just helps with dealing with it. Doctors have no idea When I am not in such a rubbish place I will try and offer some more positive advice !!


yess ..i reached this stage where i wish i can sleep and never wake up 😳😩 so tired ..so exhausted ..having a chronic anal fissure just made things worse than ever ..being a prisoner in the bathroom only add more misery to the whole IBS drama ..Meds either they don't work or I get bad side effects of them ..eating good food has long been a thing from the past ..coz apparently I react badly to most of the food out there ..I became socially isolated and depressed as I feel there is no real cure or treatment to this horrible illness .

I'm truly sorry for yawning here but just to tell you that you're Not alone , I can feel your pain and my heart deeply goes to you and all IBS sufferers around the world 🌷


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