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Is flare for months, starting to get worried

Hiya, if had these is flares 3 times now people in my family have IBS.

My lowerabdomen looks rather strange it's pointed and hard? I started to think it could be pregnancy but I've had protected sex once and had my period after. So? Could anyone help, I've had this bloating for over 2 months? My back and ribs really hurt and it very noticeable. I've been going to the toilet a lot more. Just very scared!

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Much to my surprise I learned that it is possible to be pregnant and still have your period. However, being a man and never having been pregnant or touched a pregnant belly I couldn't tell you what that felt like!

However, I do know that when I get bloated my belly is still soft and spongy to the touch rather than hard.

Did anything happen in your life two months ago prior to you getting this bloated feeling? Illness? Life event?

At the moment I wouldn't worry. Go and speak to your doctor and see what he or she says. They can order some blood tests and take a more detailed medical history and give you a far more informed medical opinion.


Hi, try not to panic. If you do have IBS , then the bloating is normal, to the extreme of looking pregnant, I also get the pain in the back and my left side. If you haven't been checked, or had any investigations it would be a good idea to see your GP and ask . I hope you get your answers soon. Take care.


Hi Caitlyn, patientj is right as you can get pregnant, even if the sex was protected and my own mother still had periods throughout one of her pregnancies. You need to get yourself to a doctor with your symptoms but in the meantime I would buy a pregnancy test kit to try and rule that one out.

Best of luck



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