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Up During the Night

I have IBS mainly IBS D . I have had it for around 50 years so it is well established and I know most of my triggers etc. 

I have read that having to get up during the night to go to the loo is not a symptom of IBS..  

I have noticed that quite often , if I have gas and a very uncomfortable gut after an evening meal but don't actually manage to have a BM , I sometimes wake up about 3am and have to go to loo.  Usually one powerful emptying, ( sorry but cannot think of a nice description), often going from solid to liquid.  Pain goes away and I get back to sleep and all is okay again.  All this could be a result of a trigger that is new or one that I have not discovered as yet.   Last night it occurred, fine this morning and it might have been alcohol that triggered it .   We had a social evening where I had a couple of Vodka & diet cokes ,plus two glasses of wine with my meal.  The food was a pasta dish that I would not normally have.

Anyway triggers are not my point, I just wanted to know if others have symptoms of really sore pains with gas and result in having to get up during the night to " get rid".    As I said I have had IBS, often mild symptoms compared to many ,but fairly constant throughout the last 50 years.  I have had spells of this night time needing just occasionally and I wondered if this was a problem with others.    I would add that when it occurs I seem to know in advance that it is going to happen because of the feelings of discomfort in my tummy when I go to bed.


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Hi I can sympathise,  that use to happen to me quite often, as you say, pasta a

dish you wouldnt normally have, I find foods I dont normally have can cause

problems. Also I try and not eat too much, very easy if you are enjoying it and

in company you tend to let yourself go.  I try and watch what I eat, chew well

but within 30mins of eating I can usually tell if theres a problem. Distended

stomach that feels sore and bloated, I can sometimes relieve the pain with

a hot water bottle, so thats worth a try or a 'windeze' can help



Thanks for reply  Shirlygirly.

Your description sounds similar to the discomfort I get.  It is strange how you know so quickly that something is going to be a problem.  I just wondered why having to get up for the loo during the night was mentioned in some articles as not being an IBS Symptom.



This has been happening to me for the psst couple of years.  At least once a month. I have suffered with bad stomach for over 30 years but getting worse while going through menopause.  I also have trigger foods but sometimes when I eat them Iget no pain. All very strange.  


Hi hampson,

Agreed it is very strange.  I also find trigger foods sometimes go down fine with no trouble.    I was trying Turmeric tablets recently and on this occasion I think this has been the culprit, as my wife informs me that I tried Turmeric some time ago with similar results.  I had forgotten.

Having said all of that ,if it had not been Turmeric , something else could just as easily cause the same problem. 



It's all very strange isn't it?  I'm struggling at the moment. 


hi hampson,

Sorry to hear that you are struggling just now.   We all go through bad spells and sometimes worrying about it can make things worse.   Recently I have found Silicol gel quite a help.

Hope you find something to help and get some respite. Even discussing things with another IBS sufferer can sometimes help.

Having had the problem for ever I know it is a struggle.

Best Wishes




I very often have this during the night,most of my really bad episodes happen during the night at least once a month,I drop off to sleep then wake up about 1hr later with the symptoms you describe and it goes on for hours,the pain is usually unbearable and if I don't pass stool I start vomiting then it devopes from firm stool to explosive diareah,then I don't know which end to put over toilet first, Ive been like this for 20yrs,I have been diagnosed with IBS and diverticular disease ,most days I have IBS symptoms I have got to the stage I will not go on holidays because its just a nightamare, spent fortune over years on medication but still looking for something that works.Pasta is also a no no for me.


Hi cassie17,

Thanks for your reply.  Your experience is worse than mine , if I wake up with the pains , I always manage to pass stool and yes ,sometimes it can be explosive .   Normally all over fairly quickly , I occasionally feel nausea afterwards but don't have the vomiting. 

I hope you find something to help, as it sounds horrible and restricting you from things like a holiday.   Lately I have been using a product called Silicol Gel and it has helped a lot --not a cure though.   Having had IBS in varying degrees for about 50 years, I don't think a cure is available.  Sometimes I think it is something I have eaten , then I get stressed and wonder if stress is the culprit or is the stress a result of the IBS attack. 

Since I retired , I can say the episodes of bad attacks are less but there are some symptoms most mornings or after main meals.  

Hopefully something will come along that helps.



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