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Just wondering if anyone experiences this: It feels like a loop of bowel moves up over another loop and sticks, I have to massage my tummy to make it free up. Really scary as I don't know what will happen if it doesn't go back in place? It doesn't happen often but usually if I am cleaning bath, straining on the loo or something like that. Any advice please? I have IBS C .

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Hi GillRob4, I think you may be giving us the symptoms of a prolapses where you bowel telescopes into itself, it's proper name is a intussusceptum.

The pain can be intermittent, not because the intussusception temporarily resolves, but because the intussuscepted bowel segment stops contracting for a short while.

I would make an appointment with your doctor as soon as possible as it can be quite dangerous. The only reason I think it is this, is my sister has been going to her doctors for years with the same complaint even though she told them how it felt as if her bowel was sliding into itself, we are talking 15 years or more! Anyway she knows now and is waiting to see a specialist to see what they are going to do about it. 

Please read up on it to see if the symptoms are the same as yours, I hope it's resolved a lot quicker for you than my sister.


how did your sis get on?


I think i have this too now and again !! if im leaning over as you say cleaning the bath or  picking something up off the floor , as i come to stand up something feels like it has twisted just under my lower rib and i cant stand up untill it has relaxed back into place which can take anything from a moment to a couple of minutes !! 

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I would suggest you see your GP about this and maybe get referred to a gastro specialist, as its sounds like you may have an extra-long colon with redundant loops in it.

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