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I have just been on Amazon looking for B12 for injection.They are now selling them 10 for around £24.The thing is it says they come from Veitnam.Has any one used these I am a bit worried in purchasing in case they are not what they say.

One other question.I have been into the website of Dr Chandy joined and ordered some injectable B12 but still have not received them just keeps saying not yet dispatched.Does any one know how long they take to come or is there anything else I need to do.

Thanks for your replies in advance.My GP refuses to give me them 8wkly so I have decided to do my own thing.

Happy Days x

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  • Hi Chocolate,

    Are you blood tests showing that you are terribly low on B12???

    Did the dr say anything about how long it might take for the numbers to come up after what he has prescribed for you. I hope everything works out well for you....I would really be careful about ordering... best wishes to you.

  • Hi

    Thanks for your reply.My b12 was 120 a year ok.Eight weeks after my injection I just know I need a top up.I am using supplements the oral spray and patches they do help.If I had a blood test what worries me is if it is high he will stop my injections completly so I am lying low .

    Yes you have to be careful what you are buying over the counter.

    Best wishes to you.

  • It's true, one does have to be careful about buying over the counter items...especially supplements. Many of the really cheap ones you can get in a discount store of any kind are worthless... they may not be 'dangerous' but many have nothing but harmless 'filler' in them... There are some sites that one can find...approved independent labs...that test supplements and vitamins... and its true: you usually 'get what you pay for'...

  • Yes, I'd be worried about ordering these from overseas. There are so many scammers out there on the internet, you couldn't be certain what you were injecting into your system. Also, there's a good chance that these will be withheld by customs and excise when they arrive here.

    Be careful with this. My B12 level is 66 which is considered average, so at 120 yours is quite high.


  • Hi

    I think 66 is really low but if you feel fine that's good.When mine was 120 I felt terrible.Had my loading doses and felt much better.We are all different but you can't overdose on b12 so I have read.

  • You know, Chocolate, you've just made me look at all this again and from what I can see on the web, the ranges of 'normal' B12 vary widely from site to site (hugely, actually). I had the test done privately, so think I'll wander down to see my GP and see what he thinks about the result.

    Thanks for posting about this.


  • Rosie how much did the private test cost?

  • I seem to think I paid about £90 -ish. The lab I used is called Blue Horizon Medicals.

  • Thanks Rosie

    Do you inject?How many ampoules do you get for £90.That sounds a lot of money.

  • Crossed wires here I think! I was replying to missymo who asked me how much my private lab test was.

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