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IBS Symptoms

I have always suffered from tummy problems, but in the last 3 months it has got considerably worse. I have spent these last months getting tested for a variety of things, they think it is probably IBS but I still have a few more things to get tested to rule out other conditions. I have been having constant abdomen pain and am very tender to the touch in that area but that pain and tenderness has also spread round the side and tops of my breasts, for me this seems a bit too high up to be linked with bowels, but I was just wondering if anyone else experienced this? Additionally, I have been getting urine infections and once again, was wondering if anybody experiences those as well? I would really appreciate if people could tell me the symptoms they were getting, many thanks.

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i have had ibs for 15 years and only after every test u can poss have last year thay told me i have stress ibs and i try to manage with a mixture of cutting certain foods out of my diet and medication your bowel is much bigger than u think till u see it on cat scan i get pains all around tummy area and up to my breasts so seems you could poss have ibs .hope i have been sum help .

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Thank you for your help!


Hi, has your GP mentioned Fibromyalgia to you? It is closely linked with IBS (often people who have one will end up being diagnosed with the other) and the symptoms include tenderness to the touch, abdominal pain, as well as painful points around the body.

I have both conditions, and am tender to touch, like you describe. I have also had urine infections (almost constantly at one time) in the past, and it may be a sign your immune system is weakened. Try researching Fibromyalgia, and see if your symptoms fit. Taking steps to strengthen the immune system will help. Drinking cranberry juice may help with the infections.

Good luck, and best wishes, BarneyB.

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Thanks for the advice. I have looked it up and it does seem a few symptoms match so will definitely bring up to my doctor next time


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