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CT enteroclysis

Hi all,

Anyone had CT enteroclysis? I've been suffering various problems for months, was due to have a CT of abdomen and pelvis which was cnhanged to CT enteroclysis after a routine test (which the GI thought would be negative) turned up a inflammation of bowel lining.

I am wondering if the scan will show bowel only .. or all abdomen with particular emphasis on bowe? Am concerned that my symptoms have been so all over the place they could be looking in the wrong place.


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If i was you I would ask the doctor exactly what you are asking here. The only way you will have ease of mind is by checking this out thoroughly..


Thanks Sengeanya

I will do that... I guess I'm impatient. The last time I actually saw the GI dr was 2nd September , i received notification of the inflammation in the post 4 wks later, scan another 2wks later.... so I don't anticipate actually seeing him again for at least another couple of weeks. However i may get in touch with him or his secretary if things don't get any better.


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