Thyroid and IBS

I have been dealing with bloating/constipation issues for about 13 years! They told me I had IBS and that was that. Also, lactose intolerant (sugar tests were negative). My bloating started out just happening in the evenings but in the last 3 months it was constant. I was miserable and never wanted to go anywhere b/c I was so uncomfortable and the thought of putting on nice clothes was out of the question! I looked pregnant. I FINALLY went to a functional medicine/integrative MD and after tons of blood work and stool specimens, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's thyroiditis, adrenal fatigue, and gut dysbiosis (leaky gut). I was amazed to read about how ALL of these things are related and affect one another! I am now on thyroid meds, many supplements and an elimination diet. I am so hopeful that this will FINALLY be the answer to my prayers!! Anyone else experience anything like this??

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  • Hi Julie, I've suffered for years with symptoms of IBS-C, and take Levothyroxine for Hashimoto's. I'm always cold, morbidly obese, exhausted most of the time (don't exercise), have been on (and off) anti-depressants for years, age 60. Two months ago, I was advised by gastero-ent consultant to try a low-FODMAP diet plus 2 different pills. Found quite dramatic improvement, but I think one of the pills is reacting a little too strongly - about 3-4 dashes to the loo each morning till late lunch. Good in one way cos of my constipation, but affects me by keeping me at home most of morning. Waiting to see NHS Dietician for help to follow a low FODMAP + weight reduction plan.

    Regards, Ann.

  • Hmmmm. I've tried the low FODMAP diet w/ no results.

    Have you heard of the book "Hashimoto's thyroiditis - Lifestyle interventions for finding & treating the Root Cause" by Izabella Wentz?

    It's amazing how thyroid, adrenals, gut, immune system are all related. It's really informative & believable b/c she actually has Hashimoto's & suffered w/ many similar symptoms as we have. It's worth checking it out!

    Good luck!


  • Will check out the book. Thanks.

    What's your elimination diet - how do you do this?

    Cheers, Ann.

  • Cut out bread and rice and gluten.

  • It takes out all processed foods, sugar (except for fruit), eggs, dairy, beef, etc. for 3 weeks. Then, after 3 weeks, you introduce one food at a time back into your diet and see if you have a reaction/symptoms. It's from the Institute of Functional Medicine. You can google it and see about it.


  • Not had anything like that but I have cut out Glutin as that seems to be bad. Rice is a trigger, as are avocados. I do find that before I get an actual attack about 3 or 4 days before, I get a piles attack. Itching and pain. So I presume gastric something or other juices are causing the problem!

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