Haven't been diagnosed as too frightened to go to Drs! 😏

Hey guys I'm new to all this just been googling about my symptoms and this very useful forum come up and to be honest have been able to relate quite a lot with some of the posts.. I'm really scared to go to the Drs just in case they tell me I got the big C I don't know why.. My symptoms always play up worse throughout The night.. Starts with really painful cramping in my tummy then as soon as I got that I must get to the loo otherwise I'll have an accident! Anyone else like this ? And I'm very loose majority of time sorry for tmi 😁 what do the Drs do to diagnose or do the medication give help ? Please help xx

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  • You should be referred to a gastrologist who will conduct a number of tests which are necessary to rule out other diseases before you would be diagnosed with IBS which is basically what is what they say you have if you have nothing else!

    You may be given a number of different medications to ease pain before you get the appointment at the hospital as you may have to wait for a considerable time before you get a hospital referra so get the ball rolling as soon as possible.

    You could try buscopan which is available over the counter for IBS and see if it relieves your symptoms. You could also use Imodium instants if you are getting diarrhoea.

    IBS is usually triggered by certain types of food. Have a look at the Monash university website and read up on FODMAPS. This exclusion diet has helped many on this site. You could also try cutting out gluten and lactose.

    The most important thing to do though is See Your GP. You will not get better until you know what you are getting better from, do not be scared nothing they do to you will be painful tests although may be a bit undignified but it's better to know what is wrong with you than to guess. Good luck

  • Thank you so much for you me help I have noticed that different foods fatty foods trigger a really bad spell of it.. I looked into the diet you mentioned last night so I'm going to give this a go .. Also in gonna get some buscopan because I work nights and always sets off it work and I feel awful because I spend half of my working time in the toilet and result of that then I'm really sore 😕 What an awful thing to have but Thank you so much for your support I have a doctors appointment this morning xx

  • Do go to your gp, your fears are probably making your symptoms worse. In the meantime do as sashapet says and try busco or imodium to see if they have a positive result, then that way you have more information to give to your gp.

  • hi

    follow lisahelen advice, go to dr. if your not bleeding unlikley bowel cancer and early diagnosis is more likely to cure. you are probbaly making it worse being anxious so get to dr.


  • Just been to dr and he just felt my tummy and listened to my symptoms and said sounds like ibs try these tablets 3 times a day and I'll see you in a month that's all the tablets are called mebeverine 135mg .. Anyone found these helped? I know everyone is different though xx

  • I'd push to see a gastroenterologist. They're specialists in this - there might be quite the wait list - there is in Canada. Your symptoms are like mine - onset of painful cramping followed by very, very urgent need to use the washroom. Ask your doctor about the FODMAPS diet and see if they can have a dietician lead you through it. It's made my life much better by helping me to identify food triggers.

  • I was giving mebeverine (called colofac and available from any chemist without prescription) They never worked for me to be honest. I think a Dr's first approach is to try and fob you off with the least expensive solution, you need to re-appoint in a months time and push for referral hun.

  • Hi.i agree with sashapet.i was really scared cos i have a phobia of hospitals n needles but i went to my drs and have tried numerous different tablets.he eventually had to refer me to hosp cos i couldnt take any more.i went for a cat scan yesterday n i will be worried till i find the results out.im petfied theyl find some really wrong.but i hope you get some help soon and i hope you get somewhat sorted.let us all know how it goes.

  • That's exactly how j am torchy petrified that they will tell me I have something really wrong .. Hopefully this medication will work and I will put and tell them I want to be referred because I could have just reeled the symptoms from my phone they don't know but obviously I haven't in genuine otherwise I wouldn't be on here asking for advice etc.. I never knew ibs was so bad honestly x

  • Hi Jo,

    I suffer the same symptoms as you, painful cramping and an urgent need for the toilet, and have suffered this for about 30 years. Never been tested like you as Dr just told me "it's probably IBS" Finally went to the Dr about 3 weeks ago and waiting for hospital appt for tests after loosing a stone in 2 weeks from being so ill. So you have my complete sympathy.

    Please make yourself a Dr's appt as soon as possible and push for a referral to rule out other conditions such as Crohns or Celiac which have much the same symptoms as IBS.

    I see a few people of mentioned the FODMAP diet, i started that 3 weeks ago, at that point I was in pain every day and was getting depressed, I have followed this diet to the letter for the last 3 weeks and have not been ill once...very happy with that!

    Good luck with everything Jo and take care of yourself and go to docs. XX


  • Ah thank you very much jo !! Just so glad I have found helpful advice because I thought it was just me but thank you so much for being supportive I will defiantly go back to the Drs to be referred it's crazy how some are so professional but others not lol xx

  • Go to the Dr..... It will make you feel better knowing what is going on.

    Stress causes IBS symptoms... And why wait if it's something else... Get on it and move toward a resolution.

  • Read the book Gut by Gulia Enders

    Try a Low FODMAP diet . Recommend you buy this book : The Complete Low FODMAP diet by Sue Shepherd

    You need at least to be tested for Celiacs (Gluten intolerance ) (blood test)and Lactose intolerance (breath test) for starters. No stress involed in that! You need to be eating gluten and lactose for the tests to work so get the tests done asap before you cut out gluten or lactose.

    Tablets are not the real answer.

    Really lean on that doctor to do his/her job and get the tests done, and not just fob you off with tablets.

    In the mean time, really research diet. Yes, fatty food is a common trigger, and you have already noticed that.


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