IBS and anxiety?

I'm on the anxiety network so I thought I'd come over and ask for opinions on IBS-C and anxiety. Anyone found that they have problems fighting one whilst being frustrated by the other? I'd been under a large amount of stress, being a mother of 3 and a full time final year student, but I just carried on going full speed, caffinated to the max... now I'm suffering bad, my fear of sick is raging, my bowels are raging and I can't really do much of anything...I've just finished university and ditched the caffine, I've been gluten-free for five years as that helped by removing evening cramps...but none of that is helping out much, except ginger cookies-which I don't like- don't want to bother/can't really get to G.P...I know that once it starts it can take a wile to settle, but I have to admit my combination of problems is leaving me with little patience...any suggestions plz?

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  • Hello - I have ibs-d. When I am upset, anxious I get really bad symptoms. Buscopan from GP helps, but I have started meditating. This helps too, but takes a while to get used to. I try to keep calm, but life gets in the way!

  • without a doubt. However taking xanax made the IBS-C worse and made me more depressed. Hard to avoid stress. I was a mother of 4, working 3 jobs and going to grad school with a 'stay at home' husband. Breathing exercises, stretching, Remember this will pass and you deserve to take care of yourself now.

  • Sounds as if you have a lot to get stressed about, and stress definitely makes IBS worse. It just becomes a vicious circle of wondering whether you're going to be ill, which makes you ill, which just worries you more! After 10+ years of IBS, all the tests and different medications, I've found the most help from taking Alverine, which relaxes the intestinal muscles, and a course of Hypnotherapy. I needed only 4 sessions to achieve considerable improvement - not a cure, as there doesn't seem to be one - but have learnt how to relax and stop worrying constantly about my stomach. My therapist gave me a CD and sold me another one and listening to some tracks at home when necessary really helps, especially if I'm feeling "uptight" or worried about a social occasion. Hope this helps. Good luck to you.

  • I am about to start hypno to try and get rid of the sick fear, I'll ask if it can help with my digestive problems as well

  • Hello,

    I have this phobia also, and often wondered whether hypnotherapy would help. Would love to know how you get on, please keep posting about your progress.

    I find being nervous or worrying really sets by IBS-D off, starting the vicious cycle of being ill because I'm nervous about being ill... You mention in your original post about an anxiety network – could you post a link as it sounds interesting.

    Good luck with the hypnosis :)


  • look up A for anxiety in the my communities section


  • Hi noticed you post. I too am on anxiety uk and Ibs networks.

    I suffer with anxiety and ibs - d. The two are currently stuck in a viscous cycle, which i am having trouble breaking.

    I have started using Holland and Barrett Regucol, which is soluable fibre and works well for me, I understand it can help with both IBS-C & IBS-D.

    Best wishes

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