A little tip that does seem to work

I have IBS-d and a small hiatus hernia. Due to both of these I get heartburn/dyspepsia, particularly at night and first thing in the morning.

Just discovered chewing gum works wonders. Day four of half hour chewing at night - the discomfort and nausea have disappeared. Can't believe it! Wish I could find something that worked like that on my diarrhoea!

Hope this helps someone out there. x

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  • I find chewing gum gives me heartburn/dyspepsia not takes it away - just shows how different we all are! !

  • Gum gives me painful wind

  • Whoops sorry! Shows what a truly diverse problem IBS is!

  • Thats interesting. I suffer with the exact same symptoms as you. The nausea is killing me at the moment. Do you also chew in the morning? Might have to give it a try. Im currently giving sea bands a go. They seem to be helping a little.

  • Chewing one stick at night and one in morning if I need it. It really has worked for me. I am however a bit nervous about my teeth fillings!

  • I'm avoiding peppermint.

  • hi chewing gum usually contains artifical sugars which are known to cause stomach upsets and diarrhoea.maybe heathf ofood shop has natural sweetner gum.



  • I'm only chewing a couple of sticks a day. But point taken. Will investigate if a more natural one us made.

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