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Forever Aloe Vera


I suffer from the horrible disease that is irritable bowel. However. last Friday, I began the Forever C9 detox last Sunday and on the penultimate day I am feeling great. My stomach isn't bloated, my bouts of painful wind have subsided, I am sleeping better and my eyes and skin look brighter than they have for a long time. On top of all that I have lost 5lbs in weigh. I have not taken one of my tablets for IBS the whole time. Just google the Forever C9 plan and give it a whirl. The Aloe Vera is known to help with digestive problems, skin problems, joint problems and general well being.

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Sorry I added last Sunday after the word detox. Just ignore


Be really careful with Aloe Vera. Go on "On Help for IBS" it is run by Heather Van Doross. She has had IBS for over 20 years. Look up Aloe Vera on her website. Best to you!

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Congrats on the aloe vera find. I have heard here in the us good things about it & take it myself gor GERD. I watch a video of the people in India grow it large pots & then cut the long arms off and fillet off the skin (because they say its not so good to eat) then the insides they slice into cubes and everyoneone was eating them right freshly cut. Everyone from grandparents all the way to the children were eating them. They say it has many healthcare properties. Happy u found something that works!!!!


good heavens the C9 stuff is REALLY expensive!


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