Gut book

Gut book

Hi All,

On the whole I feel much better these days, however on the off chance I ever get *that* ill again I still keep an interest in gut related stuff as I'm always slightly paranoid I'll have a relapse.

I'm just getting to the last few chapters of a brilliant book called Gut. It's written really simply but is super informative:

Just thought I'd share.



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  • I read it after recommendations somewhere else on the forum and it is indeed one of the best books I have ever read. It really clarified for me why my health had been poor all my life (antibiotics several times a year for various heart and asthma related complications and precautions). Best bit is about raising legs up when on the loo. Big yes from me!

  • Hi

    How did you overcome your IBS?



  • Hi Graham,

    I think most of it's covered in this post;

    In short I had infection related IBS and specifically SIBO:

    FODMAP diet

    Plenty of green salad

    Long term use of mebeverine

    Destress strategies


    No alcohol /caffeine/dairy



    I actually did all the above and stabilsed but then had to take Antibiotics to finally get rid of the SIBO.


    I still get relapses but repeating the above except antibiotics gets me back on straight and narrow.

  • This book is really good and is helping me to understand ibs. Thank you for sharing.

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