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Two natural remedies to consider taking for IBS

Hi All,

As a chronic sufferer of IBS (d-type) triggered by many trips to India and Nepal i really empathise with fellow sufferers of this horrible condition and whilst i fully realise that we all respond differently to the various treatments and remedies available for IBS since there are so many different symptoms and causes of the condition including diet and food intollerances etc which may in some cases be helped by following the FODMAPS diet etc, but i just wanted to share with you all two remedies i recently started taking (as i personally prefer natural as opposed to allopathic treatement) and although its too early for me to be sure yet how effective they've been for me in the lomg term; but i have noticed some improvement in the reduction of symptoms so i just though some of you might benefit from trying them also perhaps:

1: Saccharomyces Boulardii - vegan capsules available from OptiBac Probiotics (amongst other brands) which is a natural microorganism from a safe yeast with differing properties to other yeasts) which was recommended to me when i asked the staff at Whole Foods for a supplement to treat my suspected SIBO (Small Initenstine Bacterial Overgrowth). Its not cheap but its a short term treatment and may be worth a try for some of you who suspect or have been diagnosed with SIBO.

2: D Mix (a fusioin of seeds to chew after meals to aid digestion by stimulating enzyme release)

By Conscious Food Ltd, India (available in the UK also) from consciousfood.co.uk

I hope this helps and best wishes to all :)

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my son got intolerance to fibre. get a test for lactose fructose n lactulose. it work to some extent excluding those from our diet. use loperamide when diarhea. paracetamol for stomach cramp. walk n walk to get rid of wind which caused the pain through anus or burp. thats as far as we got. hope that helps

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Thanks Siapa for your reply and i had some food intollerance and allergy tests done many years back and ws found to be severely intollerant to milk/lactose and i also nee dto try to avoid yeast and gluten (and i've tried the FODMAPS diet but not in a fully committed way as i'm vegan so i'd probably end up just eating plain rice if i was very strict lol! And i agree exercise is useful also and all the best.


its not easy when you are in absolute agony and all you want to do is lie down. anyway, also found that lactobacillus - online from culturelle helps tremendously. dont buy the ones that have other friendly bacteria. the one we choose only have that lactobacillus in i think 2million or 4. cant remember as thrown the box away. only take when got diarhea and it helps as loperamide got lactose

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Thanks for that suggestion Siapa, and i've also tried probiotics form Culturelle and many other brands in the past and one of the ones that i found most effective (although very expensive, you only need to take it for one week ) which was Replete Intensive by Biocare (available Nutricentre and Amazon etc and worth shopping around online to get the best price).


All advice is welcome

I've tried seeds but they bring on my symptoms


Thanks for your feedback and maybe its due to the high fibre content perhaps of seeds(?) and i found that adding flax seed to cerial/porridge also brought on my symptoms where as with the D' mix product i suggested, its a bit early to say yet but so far it seems to have helped a little bit although i haven't taken it religiously afte revery meal! (and maybe because its only recommended to take half a tea spoon after each meal and to chew it atleast 40 times before swallowing to healp release enzymes + it makes it more digestable)


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