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Thanks everyone for your helpful replies, a few days ago now, I have been

out of touch and I am just catching up with things. I was pleased to read

that other people have had the same symptoms with the Amitripilyne and

after reading the replies have decided that I will take it but not every night

because I do realise it can become addictive if taken every day. I did feel

much calmer when I first started with it but when I began having problems

sleeping it also made me more edgy thoughout the day., so it became

counter-productive. I think I will limit myself to one every couple of days

or so and see how that works. Thanks for the helpful opinions and advice.

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Just wondered what you have been put on amitriptyline for?

Is it to help you sleep? or for nerve pain? or anxiety?

I was on it for a long time and know that for it to be affective you need to build the levels up in your system so not sure if not taking it every day will actually mean it works properly.

Also I've never heard anyone saying its addictive before, maybe I've just missed that bit about it.

Just curious to hear what the doc has you on it for as It seems its getting used for lot more reasons now than when i first started on it some years ago.

Hope you are well.


Just read article on amitrpilyne I was prescribed this by my go did not find it helpful I was out of this world I felt worse and could not take them


Hi NWBM I started on the Amitriptyline because i had read that quite

a few people had tried it and found it helpful so asked my Gp if I could

give it a go. I am quite an anxious person and it did help considerably,

but then I seemed to get extremely agitated after taking it for about a

month, especially at night. However, after looking at other medication

that Im currently taking it could be that could be part of the reason for

the adverse effect I had. I will now try it again, but perhaps not every day

and see how that goes.


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