So frustrating! it typical to go for a week or so and be normal and then have the same old same old occur again?? I get so elated when I feel well with no cramping and weird sensations or bowel upset only to have it start again for apparently no reason!! Also......does anyone ever get new symptoms that you haven't experienced before? Like this time I feel like I have a side stitch like you sometimes get when running but it won't go away. Then it causes discomfort in my back......feels like a muscle strain but isn't. Anyone else????? I also understand when people say then you start to agonize if it's something more serious. Help!!!!! It DOES help to hear that others are in the same unfortunate boat and I do not like to complain as I do feel fortunate and blessed abundantly. Any insights anyone? Thanks!!

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  • Stitch pain often wind trapped as muscles cramp

    I find a little warm alcohol often eases that

    Love green veg but does aggravate also healthy fibre breads

    Stress a major factor

    Driving again first time since 1983 so spasms bad on driving days

  • I have been told to avoid broccoli cabbage so I am trying spinach this week . I have not found out what triggered latest bout but I do notice if I do not eat at regular times I start to get cramps. I have started drinking tea with mint and drinking more fluids in general and I am going to try aloe as I have been told if has a calming effect

  • I also am the same good for a week then pain back. I am trying to get my life back and not let it control me. My new symptom is feeling dizzy/nausea.

  • I had 3 months with symptoms everyday and it was unbearable. Things seem to be improving and I have had two weeks feeling great, sadly symptoms are back again which is frustrating but I think they have been triggered by some stress and not being careful with my eating. Back to clean eating for me to see if I can get symptoms under control again. It is frustrating when you have a few good weeks and then symptoms come back but Im juts grateful that Im getting some good days and weeks now and its not a constant. Hang in there!

  • Feel exactly the same a you - as you said - elation for a while, feel good, the suddenly for no apparent reason a bad flare up. I am just getting over one and this time I am pretty sure it was stress related, with family illnesses and a bereavement, not to mention all the paperwork for probate.....even dying is problematic for those left behind. But...hopefully on the mend (yet again) and will enjoy the respite once more. Eat everything (little and often seems to work for me), no 'fashionable' diets (don't work for me). Bet you worry that the Doctor thinks you are a raving hypochondriac...well so do I, and I bet lots of us do as well. Hang in there, you are not alone...honestly.

  • Drives you potty, this b*** IBS. OK, most of the time, living my quiet life. BUT, if I want a day away from home or even one night. Oh dear, plan every loo in the area. Pain in my right side, not too bad during the day, but at night, can not lie on right side. Had gall bladder removed 6 months ago. GP tells me I can not have a pain there???? Who has this pain? The whole thing makes us SO tired. Knowing you are not crazy & that you are not the only one helps. Thanks everyone

  • I have kept going back to my gp, trying different things, she now has me on colofac - together with low fodmap diet - bit of a bind - but well worth it to be relatively symptom free -so far, after being in pain and discomfort almost continuously for quite a while and really quite down.

  • I have been on Colgate to trying to follow some of the food map but having to eat less fibre makes it hard to be regular and it feels like after I have eaten the food is just stuck, so I am relying on laxative products to make me go to. Loo but need to get dosage and timing right because I don't want to get out when not at home

  • I to get that pain under my right rib as an added extra to the tummy cramps

  • I am in pain 24/7 have been since I had a colonoscopy in OCT 2013

    Have no idea what is wrong with me would be over the moon to have s good day, really don't know where to go with it! 😞

  • HI

    YES I GET THAT STITCHING and back spasm with IBS. i used to getpain where your Trouser back pocket area , like a pen knife being stuck into you!.

    Thankfully don't get that now. i use heat pad for back spasm n hot shower sometimes helps. i keep away from ibu gel as these tend to iritate the stomach/bowel ( ibrufen ingredient)

    iv had a bad week worst for years but think stress of sick daughter n rush to london to get her to a& e ( 70 miles 4am!) didnt help. More bloating and trips to toilet than groin pain these days. im blessed with many things a loving wife , five children,sister n brother an 88 yr old mum. etc etc. seeing nutrionist privately at the moment

    cut tea/caffeine n sugar input had helped prior to last week.

    hope you find a remedy.


  • Yep, just when you think things are getting better something else happens. I had a good week last week (reducing wheat has really helped a lot) but today had to abandon supermarket shopping to rush home! Can't think what caused that, flippin' nuisance!

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