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Hi I'm a young lady of 60! Love my life and the people in it, thinking of retiring from my academic library job within the next 12 months. Have endured IBS-D since around my early 30s and I know it destroys you mentally. Improved gradually after menopause and controlling my diet - trial and error, and doing zumba twice a week! Never used any kind of drugs - I believe they mask symptoms but finding the root cause is essential. I have lapses periodically and can usually spot what I'm doing wrong. It is NOT all in your head! Much love to you all

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You have a wonderful outlook to life and don't let your problems get you down

I feel the same way - diagnosed at 65 and found that dairy is the cause of my diarrhoea so a strict diet for me now

Enjoy your retirement - my husband and I do and we're not stopped from doing what we want


Thanks for you kind words, and I hope your diet works for you. Such a horrible condition and a lot of ignorance in the medical profession, but it IS possible to self-manage with the support of your friends and loved ones x


Good for you - positivity helps but when you are in pain that just goes out of the window, at least in my case and when I start feeling negative guess what happens - the pains etc come back in spades and it all spirals. It's amazing the progress mankind has made but can't fix this !


Annieofcornwall, if you haven't tried yet, try meditation, there are so many to choose from on youtube. Only started on this recently and it's made such a difference to my whole outlook. Anything's worth a try, it's free and in the comfort of your own home. Good luck x


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