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I have terrible bloating, it starts just under my ribs, I look like I'm about 9 months pregnant. The pain is so bad I go white as a sheet, I sweet and have to control my breathing or I hyperventalate. My husband has nearly called the paramedics before now. If I catch it earlier and drink peppermint tea it settles. I was just wondering if anyone has this? I also suffer from fybromyalgia !

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me too. I just got some Beano tablets which help a little. i have stopped going out in eve and I wear baggy tops. I am too embarassed to get a boyfriend etc etc. life sucks

Lou123 in reply to london81

Oh that's so sad, have you been back to Drs as I am but not till next month.

london81 in reply to Lou123

Ive had it since i had my daughter 13 years ago and the Dr doesn't give me much help I am having tests again tmrw for coeliac and IBD. i have underactive thyroid and i think its all linked. Ive had to eat gluten for my coealiac screen so im in lots of pain today! good luck with your tests I hope you get some answers!

Lou123 in reply to london81

Never ever had a test of any sort for my IBS that's why I'm going back to drs and I've now got a new one. I hope they manage to get things sorted out for you. Good luck

london81 in reply to Lou123

ah ok, best of luck.

I also suffer from this I only eat a little bit a straight away it bloats up, it can be so painful, I describe it as something inside trying to push my stomach to the most!( Sorry Makes sense to me). I also suffer from fibromyalgia and hashimotos (under active thyroid disease) and like you said London81, I think that they are all connected. I have tried most things but nothing seems to alleviate it. My consultant once said try charcoal tablets but that seemed to just make me more constipated. I too am struggling to remain in a relationship because of my health and is worrying as now I'm 32 years. Best of luck to you and hope that you find something that helps you.

Good luck


Used to be like you but since going gluten and lactose free plus doing FOdmaps diet completely bloat free. Try just leaving out gluten first and see if you are any better. Try for at leAst three weeks. Also really bD for me were onions and garlic . Good luck

Hi all I agree with you all. I also look 6mths pregnant,with constant pain,and it feels like I've got a football team in there. I also have days where I sweat and my husband want to call paramedics, which we have done in the past,but forIBS they can only give you Pethadine or morpheme then send you home,and your right back to square one next day. I also have Underactive Thyroid and I think it's all connected,if only someone in the medical proffestion could just join up the dots.

Take care everyone and just remember your not alone.

I also have this terrible bloating it started about 18 months ago. I also have fibromyalgia IBS and Diverticular disease. My dr says it's nerve endings but not convinced as was on Gaberpentin t for 12months but did nothing aldo tried me on Mintec peppermint capsules 5weeks but caused me to have rearly bad IBS. IWILL NEVER TOUCH AGAIN. I am also desperate for an answer to this. Hope you soon get an answer ,please let me know if you do. Xxxx


i find buscopan eases pain of bloating. have you cut out high fibre foods, beans,cabbages,sultanas, gassy drinks,lager,mushrooms, onions,wholemeal. These are known triggers for bloating. i rarely get bloating now .still get ibs with groin spasm or even in back as referred pain. doing pilates now which i think helps and more water, less tea. cut tea/coffee to 2 cups a day . im ok with with decaf. artifical sweetners are a no no for me. hope something helps here. sometimes eating like porridge helps.wind gel tabs sometimes help if i wake up with it.

your bloating always look worse to you than others its our view point that makes it worse. its probably only 2-3 inches in reality.

hope you soon find the answer.


Go on the website of Proven Probiotics and read the report of the Sheffield Study.

The adult probiotic showed an improvement in bloating - and of course this was a proper study.

Hi Lou.

I was in exactly the same position as you - often mistaken for being pregnant. I have also had problems with hyperventilating until I went to a buteyko course. I would really recommend as I learned a technique to bring this under control very quickly. The bloating makes this feeling so much worse as it is difficult to breathe when your stomach area is so bloated. With respect to the bloating I am now two weeks into the low FODMAP diet and my stomach bloat has really gone down. Its not as hard as I thought it would be. I was tinkering about with it before which is no use really - you need to commit to it. Once the gluten was gone out of my diet the bloating started to reduce. Maybe ask the GP if you can see a dietician and try FODMAP with their support. Good luck.

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