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I am 20 years old. The night before I feel full and bloated(I need to go but cant go). The next morning I feel the need that I need to go to the toilet. It is diarrea combined with stomach cramps. I then go(I take 2 Imodium tablets), I then need to go 5 mins later again not normal(Take 1 Imodium tablet). I will then have to go again. It is more normal this time ,varies. I then have a sore stomach. this happens every 2 weeks. I have the urge to go and I have to go annoyingly. From your view of having IBS does this sound like IBS? I have a doctors appointment tomorrow about it(Friday) but are really embarrassed about that I have to go.

It is mega embarrassing as Mum says what are you doing in there so long? You must be finished now. It disrupts my plans a lot as mum says you cant go out with an upset stomach.

It is a pain this IBS if it Is that. I hope to get a response from someone with IBS as it would make me worry less about it.

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Only your Doctor can really make this diagnosis for you. It could be IBS,it's could be any number of other things but PLEASE don't let embarrassment put you off, it's really important that you get this sorted as soon as possible, it doesn't sound as though it will sort itself out.. He will have heard these symptoms, and far far worse, many times before. Your Mum is just concerned for you, as Mum's are!


Yes do see your doctor. Sometimes when you can't go and get very constipated it can come out and appear to to diarrhoea but when it's not - it's an 'overflow' from the constipation so taking Immodium when you haven't got a diagnosis can be a really bad thing to do.


Thanks. It was normal for a while so hadn't taken immod for a week and a half ish as it has been ok for a while. I follow the instructions on the box. 2 first then 1 when you have loose movement. Up to 6 a day.


Don't be embarrassed, even though it is difficult. I'm in my early twenties and have been visiting various healthcare professionals about IBS for the last six years. The main thing is that you get on the path to treatment with your GP and this group is great for support!


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