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Toxic Mornings!

hi everyone, I have been suffering with stomach problems for years starting with gastric reflux which is controlled with Omeprezole. About four years ago i started feeling bloated which made me feel quite ill. i also suffered with severe wind at both ends and constipation. After many tests it seems the specialists have given up on me and assigned me to the IBS file.

Lately I have woken in the morning feeling REALLY ill strange feeling of being toxic ,tired ,lethargic, bilious.

Don't feel well enough to get up but my bowels seem to stop working when im horizontal. Most days its midday before I start to feel well enough to do anything, but rarely feel normal.

I have the feeling like my stomach is falling away from my body and its constantly sore.

Anyone else get this morning problem?

Is it IBS?. Any tips for relief.

I have had many years of stress including coping with a close family member having cancer, divorce, etc.

I also have diabetes and back problems ie three collapsed discs.

I have coped with this but my quality of life now is abysmal due to this problem with my stomach.

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