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Hello does anyone know if you can get a need the loo card ? I am at the stage where I find that I am not to keen on going out as it seems to play my ibs up .It could all be in my head . I was at b&q last week and needed the loo ,they have now changed it so you have to ask a member of staff to let you in and they stood outside waiting for me . This put a full stop on things.

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  • I know how you feel. I have had some very embarrassing moments asking to use a loo somewhere, especially if they don't have customer toilets. I can't remember the answer to your question about a card but I remember seeing an answer on this site before. I think you have to register on a certain website. I'll have a Google.........

  • Go to the IBS Network, they have can't wait cards

  • Every site I have looked on you have to join and pay a yearly subscription. I don't mind paying for the card and a reader key but that is all I want.

  • Thank you dotty423 &hamble99b for the quick reply .Will look at sites .

  • You can get the cards from the IBS site

    You can also buy a RADAR key which will open any locked disabled toilet in the UK

    This is the site I got mine from

  • IBS site you have to be a paid up member, ok if cash isn't a problem which it seems to be for some

  • This is the site for the 'I can't wait card'

  • Lol - A consultant told me it was ok to ask a bobby for his hat to have a wee in & that I couldn't be prosicuted !!! So that's a help to know at least!!! It doesn't help when you have chronic cystitis - you're at a jobcentre & are having a flare up & you're busting tho, - I asked for a loo & was told there were none available for the public & I said the staff one was perfectly acceptable & was told the public couldn't use the staff loos but I could use the ones at the library. My friend looked at me - she was busting too & we took of as fast as we could ONLY I didn't make it. So I'm crouched down between two cars (so embarrassing), at the top of town in the poring rain in a lot of pain and caught on camera as it's where the town hall is !!! I'm 59 for goodness sake !!! My friend still says I should have just let go then & there !!!! I've been agoraphobic ever since. Thank you jobcentre staff opposite Torquay Town Hall. Are they human beings. The man taking the interview then reached up and took my hand which was up across my chest up out of the way as it was suffering with the flare up & pulled it away from my body and shook it !!!! Well I couldn't help but react ....I just got up and was walking out when he asked how he could help me and I said as long as I know that that camera had caught his ignorant behaviour and that everyone present had heard him refuse me a loo, he'd be the one that needed the help.

    Yup there's many people that a loo card could definitely help !!!! Is there one or should we start something here ? X

  • Ah ha - just read the other answers - & my thoughts are if you are on ESA & without other financial help why should you pay, it may be a silent prob to others but it's not to those suffering. I feel it should be something that the Drs surgery should deal with. As with my last post - I purposely didn't drink anything from the night before (as it was an early appt) by bladder was already kicking up as it had inflamed due to lack of fluid & I had to suffer even more painful consequences for days after. I'm so pleased this topics been brought up as the chronic cystitis was a result of a hysterectomy I had 23 years ago & after yrs of wondering why - + the procedures etc ...the medics came up with this diagnosis and to just drink lots of water & the policemans hat story.

  • Hi,

    Aww.. poor you. That's disgusting you weren't able to use the staff loo's, good on you for voicing your opinion to the not so helpful man. So sorry it has had such an affect on you.

    I had to smile when you said you squatted down to have a wee, I think we all have had to do this on some occasions, albeit mine has been in a field when we are walking.

    Eunice x

  • If you visit the ibs network website there you will be able to purchase a Cant Wait Card for £5.00

  • I have had many a 'rush' to the loo while out shopping or whatever. When I joined IBSNetwork,they sent me a card like you describe. It really is a big easing of the mind to know you can show this to shop owners or whatever.

    For years before I got one tho,I had to ask at SO many outlets and the best and most accommodating is a hairdresser/salon and the worst,is a drug shore/chemist!

    So join the Network,its worth the money.Not only do you get the card in English but extras in other languages for when you are on holiday. Great idea,I think.

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