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Can't wait card

Hi all, this is my first post on here, I've suffered from IBS since I was 18 and I'm now 54! Food doesnt seem to be a problem, its going out and about that is my main worry. I have a very understanding and supportive partner and daughter and I've just applied for a Can't Wait card. Has anyone got one of these and actually used it? I'm also thinking of getting a Radar Key. I seem to be ok if I know theres a loo around nearby!

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Yes I have used my can't wait card quite a lot. I also have a Radar key. The can't wait card also comes with a paper version in lots of different languages so useful if you dare venture further afield on holiday!


I also have the Can't wait card but haven't has to use it yet.

Do get a RADAR key as they open any locked disabled toilet which gives you confidence



where do you get a Radar key and cannot wait card please?


Amazingly there are lots of suppliers of keys. Here's one. crm.disabilityrightsuk.org/... good luck. Even if you know where the local loos are, if the "normal" ones are locked for the night you can be stuck. It's a good idea to have one. I tend to choose where I go according to loos which is a little limiting but I've changed my expectations and goal posts so it's not really a burden.

I've never had to use my card but there was an occasion before I got it I could have done with it.


Just a question to put to you all,I have a key,but not a can't wait card,I feel if you jumped a Que you would be insulted by people. Has this ever happend to anyone?


I have a card, but before I got one I had to walk to the front of a queue whilst at a concert. The ladies who heard me ask if I could push in were there because they thought they'd better have a quick wee before the concert. They couldn't have been nicer or more friendly about it. I told them I have a bowl disorder and simply couldn't be sure I'd make it if I waited in the queue, which was horrifically long! If you give people the facts, ask their permission and give them a chance, I'm sure they will be sympathetic rather than nasty.

If the same thing happened to you, you were asked to let someone in before you in a long queue, told why, what would you do?



I have a can't wait card from both the hospital and the ibs network. I've used the hospital one at an outdoor concert and the man was quite understanding and didn't want to see the card but believed me. I would definitely recommend getting one, even if just for security. I also.have a radar key but have never had to use that as of yet.




Hi you might not think that food is the problem but do try the FODMAP way of eating, it relieves the mind of stress also. Try just for 1 week and you can then make your own mind up. No cheating!


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