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Low Fodmap Foods in UK

Hi Everyone,

I am new to the Fodmap diet. My son recently diagnosed with IBS.... I am now among many trying to decipher food labels and figure our how many different dishes I can do with a carrot. Just wondered if we should compile a list of products that we have purchased in the UK that have been tolerated well by the person with IBS. From reading posts it would seem that lots of people have there own tolerances and experiences with different foods so we wouldn't be able to endorse a product as say Low Fodmap but simply give it a mention and person who is looking to purchase to check ingredients and try.

what do people think......Just an idea.

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Hi Greenie good idea,but I cant tell anything I can't tolerate as I have constant pain,and I look 6mths pregnant.But any suggestions anyone has Id give it a try.


good idea -- I"m about to write to my on line grocer here in nYc FRESH DIRECT and ask them to make low-FODMAPS . They have everything--gluten-free, lactose-free, vegan, kosher, they make wonderful 4 minute meals. Maybe if I educate them about FODMAPS I won't go biind trying to read label incredients.


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