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Abdominal pain question

Hello. I have suffered from health anxiety for 7 years. I've given myself many diseases. February I popped a rib out of place, which led to my belief in having breast cancer. Once that subsided, I developed a vague discomfort in my upper left abdomen. I am a special education teacher and have high stress. My DO wanted to wait to see once school was out for the summer if it went away. Well, for the most part, it did. 2 weeks into this new school year and it's back. No worse, no different, just back. It's left directly under my rib cage. I do deal with C, however, right now I'm regular, just this nagging discomfort. I try to be rational, if I had cancer (my biggest fear), it wouldn't go away, then come back and would assume it would be worse? Thoughts? Is this an IBS symptom? I feel I always have something wrong with me and when I'm not worried about something else, I feel it, otherwise, I'm too focused on whatever other ailment I've given myself....any advice, help, supplement, diet?

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Hi, I have chronic health anxiety and I can honestly say it ruins my life. I think it's what they call symptom shifting? As soon as one symptom goes (usually when you stop worrying about it), another one comes along. I tend to focus on a tiny niggle/spot etc etc, and it becomes a huge symptom which convinces me it's something terrible. One of the consequences of chronic anxiety, for me is a fear of tests and medics. I avoid them as much as possible. Years ago, I would go for reassurance (didn't last long!) and now I can't bear the anxiety which stems from tests. It sounds like nothing to worry about, but would seeing your GP put your mind at rest? Sorry to sound so negative - if anyone has a plan - I'm all ears. I have tried hypno and I hated it, but I know others for whom it has worked.


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