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Hiya guys I'm really new to IBS only had it a year, I just thought I'd share my story and hope to get some good advice from the community, as doctors seem to be useless. My IBS was caused by a serious case of Viral Gastroenteritis. My triggers seem to be hard alcohol, like your vodkas and rums and such, but funnily enough Ales seem to help it!!! My other triggers are caffeine, very sugary drinks and the main one is stress. Which I'm sure most of you know is the worst trigger, because it becomes a vicious cycle, you get stressed, your ibs flares which makes you even more stressed. I work in a pub so it's nearly impossible for me to get time off and I'm also required to be on the bar the very long periods of time. So if I'm having a bad day I just pop a load of anti diarrhoea pills and hope for the best. If anyone else has any good tips please let me know. Thanks.

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Hi there, it must be really difficult having to cope with your symptoms whilst working in a busy bar. In terms of advice, I think it's really hard to give any as IBS is very different for everyone of us and we each probably have quite different triggers. However, if I'm in a situation similar to what you describe, I have to admit that I too resort to pills. My doctor prescribed me codeine phosphate which I take when required so you may want to go back to your GP and ask to give that a go. If you take it regularly it can also help your bowel to establish more of a 'routine'. Hope that helps.


Use probiotic pills and/or probiotic foods like goat yogurt, kefir, fermented cabbage. dont drink sweet pop drinks. think alkaline never acid. don't drink orange juice just in very small portions.


Lactose and dairy are the most common causes of diarrhorea - lactose is in a lot of tablet medication, ie ibuprofen - so all ingredients should be looked at

It may be a good idea for you to go dairy free to see if this improves your symptoms - you must be completely dairy free for at least 2/3 weeks.

Drink water including sparkling in which you could have a cordial, elderflower cordial, not too strong, is very refreshing.


I agree....nothing works except immodium.

Stress about ibs...brings it on ...more stress....


i don't agree that nothing works. good diet, correcting life style and getting rid of other maladies we neglected unintentionally can almost cure ibs symptoms although i don't think that lbs is a disease but a condition and symptoms of other body malfunctions.


Well dorban3 I've had chronic IBS for around 12yrs and to say what you have in the above post I believe to be quite insulting to the thousands of people on this site.When it comes to IBS we are all different,and don't you think if we could do something to stop it we would.There are people on here that have suffered for 20 yrs and like myself have tried every way possible to help our selves.Including going all through the NHS.Do you really think we would all be on here trying to get as much advise from other sufferers if it was that simple.Just remember the word syndrome means multiple problems and it's just trying to find out what works for each indervidual.So don't be like most doctors and cast it off as it is nothing because it ruins a lot of people's lives including mine........sorry to rant so much but I feel empathy for every person that suffers this (in some cases ) debilitating problem.


Hi Guys,

My name is Laura and I myself suffered a severe case of IBS back in Sep 2007 all the way up until Dec 2012

I am not sure at this point whether or not you are individually dealing with ''the dreaded IBS'' or symptoms similar, and I am also not sure whether or not I am allowed to assist you in this way, but I would like to take this opportunity on giving you an insight into what changed my IBS life around, to appoint its only now when i read comments like yours that I remember how dreadful, humiliating and depressing it all was for me.

Thank god I found and use the Purest 100% Stabilized Aloe Vera Gel I could find! lol.

I researched. Where there is normal bowel function, the famous nutritionist, Jeffery Bland, has shown that Aloe Vera produces several effects when drunk on a daily basis:

* it speeds up the transit time of the gut contents

* As a result the stool becomes softer as it contains more water

* Protein absorption is increased

* Gut flora is regulated, especially where there is an overgrowth of the yeast Candida.

Perhaps it is one or all of these actions that bring about considerable improvement for the sufferers of this functional bowel problem. As we all know, it is accepted that there is a stress element to this condition!! However apart from Aloe Vera's known ability to regulate & smooth out the gut's peristaltic movements, thereby reducing the pain and regulating bowel habit, Dr Peter Atherton also believes it has a calming effect on the mood, through its ability to balance the immune system and provide a greater sense of well being. Professionally, Aloe Vera is Dr Atherton's first line treatment for IBS and can claim about an 80% response rate, including mine. Please do refer to the link below as reading further really did help me.http://www.foreverknowledge.info/

or view product variety: foreverliving.com/retai...

I am happy to respond to any responses guys, so please don't hesitate!- but if i don't hear from you shortly, I really do wish u all well.x

Stranger love <3 :)



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