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So yesterday I had a laparoscopy for endometriosis which I'm clear off as they thought ibs and bladder problems was linked which it's not.. So she's had a look my bladder and ibs are very inflamed and she wants to see me in 4 months time in a different unit... In the mean time does ibs cause bladder problems and painful sex for yous?

And how do you manage ibs xxx

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Bladder and bowel symptoms are often found together - just as the bowel goes into spasm in IBS, the bladder can do this as well. It feels like permanent cystitis. I suffered from this for a decade in the 90's and after loads of antibiotics (which I am convinced caused my IBS), and investigations I eventually was sent to see a new urology consultant who told me they were of the view that the same sort of symptoms in IBS were being seen in terms of what they used to call "urethral syndrome" - in other words, no idea why you have constant cystitis so we'll give it a name!! She was lovely, and everything she said made sense to me after so long. I even went to the London Clinic after paying a fortune to see someone who wrote books on cystitis, so that they could test a urine sample there and then as soon as I gave it in. It was negative as all the samples had been - it didn't stop the medics giving me endless antibiotics though. Those were the days before the internet proper, where we just accepted what we were told, and took what we were given! As soon as I could make sense of the symptoms in my head, I could deal with them and every time I got "cystitis", I kept reassuring myself this was not going to lead to terrible things.... I don't know whether this is any help?


Have you been tested for my malabsorption issues? Worth doing that because that can cause inflammation anywhere in your body. Especially anywhere on the digestive or urinary tracts.


there must be a relationship because I also notice it. I have PD IBS-C and problems with emptying bladder. PAINFUL sometimes


I have had cystitis on and off for years and recently had a bout of almost constant nausea which lasted for months and was diagnosed as IBS. I developed cystitis again which this time involves bladder pain as well as the usual urethral. It had started to die down but has flared up this week and am thinking I should try another course of antibiotics (although antibiotics probably exacerbated my condition 6 months ago). Any advice on which antibiotic to take. I think I am lactose intolerant ( felt really sick with trimethoprim) and am allergic to penicillin.


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