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brilliant testing done

My 15 year old son was 'diagnosed' as having IBS because of burning in the stomach, sometime waking him at night and causing him problems in the toilet, this would go on for days. He only had a blood test to rule out Crohnes disease.

Yesterday I took him to someone I went to 17 years ago and she tested him for all levels of vitamins, minerals, hormones, organ function (breaking the stomach down into about 5 parts), and any nasty bugs that may be lurking around. She also tested him for food allergies. We got the results straight away and now I feel I have a basis to work from. I know exactly what he can and cant eat and exactly what is going on in his body. Money well spent in my opinion.

She is not insisting we come back and see her as it was 2 1/2hours drive from where I live, but is available at the end of the phone if I want to speak to her and the option is open to go back if I want.

Much better option for a youngster (or anyone) than a camera either up or down, so glad I went down this route as I feel this could be the answer to his problems.

Things are looking up.

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Fantastic news for you. But it's a teaser for us reading.....are you able to post details of who you saw? And what tests?


Didnt know if I was allowed to advertise where I went.

Her name is Ruth Tophill and she is in Maidstone, Kent. She classes herself as health advisor and her background is medical.

Well worth a trip in my opinion, even if you far away. Travel lodges are cheap enough.


Thanks for this. What sort of testing does she do? Was it Biotron?


Hi ibsr. Wasnt sure what biotron was, so googled it. Sounds similar. Not absolutely sure what this machine she uses is called. Not even sure how it works but really made sense. The results it came back with, on me 17 years ago and on my son this week, were accurate and in line with what was wrong with me and him.

17 years ago I had accute cytomeglavirus. The doctors could not discover what it was that was causing my symptoms. I was in and out of hospital, having test after test, with doctors asking question after question. She did not diagnose but could tell me that my liver and spleen were severly affected and gave me some tablets that aided my recovery.

It was only the discovery of the anti bodies in my body that lead to diagnosis.


Hi, sounds excellent to me and the best way to handle the gut. Does she have a website at all? Also, so pleased for you that it not only worked for you 17 years ago but also for your son.


yes. its www.rtha,biz


I saw Ruth with my son 7 years ago and I thought she was excellent. I found her through a friend who had seen her mother when she practiced in Canterbury and knew we were at our wits end. My son suffers with IBS and has had every test going but things were just not improving so when we saw Ruth it was such a relief. She diagnosed Candida in the gut and he had a lot of supplements, some nasty, some not but did make a recovery. The doctors at the hospital wouldn't even admit that he might have Candida....honestly it made me so mad. Unfortunately IBS never goes away for good and he is now 22 and going through a rough patch again so that's what made me Google Ruth to see if she was still going strong. We now live over 3 hours away but we are seriously considering going back as, yet again, we are going absolutely nowhere with the good old NHS!!


Its really interesting what candida can cause. Another friend of mine's daughter had such bad pains in her hip she didnt want to go out or do anything. She had tests and it turned out to be candida. she cut out all sugar and yeast for about 6 weeks (i think) and she is now fine. It really makes you wonder sometimes if doctors know about these things. Doctors actually wanted her to go for psychiatric treatment, thinking it was all in her head. Trouble is they cannot know everything. What we really need to be able to see is a specialist in the field we have a problem in.


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