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Hi i have been suffering with ibs and currently lost my job out of missing days of work because i did not work in a place with a toilet i was always an outside worker. I have currently been reading about yorktest and i see they have a ibs diet program has anyone tried this? does it work? it has a massive cost but so does ibs untreated for a life time. so can anyone give me advice on yorktest please.

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I looked into these so-called intolerance tests some time ago and discovered that it's actually scientifically impossible to carry out such tests in the way claimed. The 'results' that are sent out always include all the usual suspects, e.g. wheat, onions, garlic, dairy, yeast etc plus a few extras to make them look individually tailored.

Go to quackometer.net put York Tests into the search box and see what it has to say about them and other companies of the same ilk - it isn't complimentary.

My advice is, unless you want to spend a lot of money for no good reason, and then give yourself a hard time eliminating all the foods to which you're supposed to be 'intolerant' but are probably not, then this is the route to go down. You'll do much better following threads on this website for free - particularly those relating to the low-FODMAP diet which is highly successful for a lot of IBS-ers.



I absolutely agree with you RozB.


I also agree with this. I've had this test done about 4 years ago. It is a complete waste of your money. The doctors told me that it was impossible for a blood test to prove whether you have any intolerances to food. You actually had to have biopsies taken during a colonoscopy or endoscopy or some sort of breath test. Do not waste your money on something that doesnt work.


Hi, I have no idea about the diet plan BUT I am a scientist and have looked in to their testing and can say I'm not 100% happy with it, these types of antibodies are naturally occurring and can be raised, but their main role is in protection of the body rather than harming it. Myself and a colleague did do their tests and both got the same results: intolerance to cow's milk and mild intolerance to yeast (which is in almost everything!). If I were you, a diet exclusion program may be more useful. There's also a book by Marilyn Glenville which is quite good marilynglenville.com/books/... (probably get this cheaper on amazon or elsewhere!). Good luck! :)


I thhink doing your own exclusion is the answer - but I think you should exclude only one type of food at a time.

I found that dairy was my problem


I have done the York test and it really helped as I found I was intolerant to things I had never thought of e.g. pork, cod, haddock, eggs etc etc. They help you with the FODMAP diet as well. It has really made a HUGE difference to my life and if I eat something and suffer I usually know why. If you can afford it, go for it.


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