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ibs for 2 years!

Hi, I have been suffering from ibs both c & d for over 2 years now and seem to get no relief whatsoever.. this past few weeks have been so draining that I am willing to try anything to ease the symptoms. can anyone give any tips on what is best to relieve syptoms of both ibs c and ibs d. doctors have prescribed me with mebeverine and buscopan but nothing seems to work... any help would be great as it is getting me down and have no interest in doing anything or going to work.

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Hi,Lepicol or regucol(holland & barretts brand)helps both C & D,I also take magnesium citrate tablets between 200mg-6oomg each evening for constipation,I add vimto cordial to the lepicol/regucol to flavour it better.


avoid milk and its products, wheat and its products, citrus fruits........follow dr.dani in you tube......im getting better.....


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