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I am still having 'dizzy' spells when I cannot concentrate and feel spaced out and my gp has given me betahistine has anyone else tried this

I am worried about taking more medication but the feeling is very uncomfortable. Having blood test next week to check blood sugar levels, but blood pressure readings were ok. Any suggestions on how to deal with this problem could it be anxiety?. Is dizziness common with ibs? I know from a previous question I asked that several other people on this site get it but wondered if its atypical.

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I take betahistine, they help a lot but don't control the dizzy spells, I don't have any side effects from them at all. I have IBS, Lupus and APS so I don't know which causes the problem.

Try the tablets though, after a few days you should notice a huge difference


Thank you for your response. When you say they help a lot what do you mean exactly? I have been given them specifically for the dizziness but you say the tablets don't control this. Have also been told that I can take them at onset of dizzy spell.


it sounds like the stress that i get when I get IBS. some of it comes from flood of toxins from constipation and slow transit, some of it because i cant think straight and i find that stressful in itself! mediation helps, i used the IBS-100 audio set. also i get detox massages if it has gone on along time. dizzy stuff i believe is related to all these things. do hope this helps - its not nice.


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