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Hi all! I mentioned on here a while back that I'm off on holiday soon and am terrified about the car journey there. Well, the time has come and Saturday is the day! I'm having last minute worries and stresses and already my stomach has been playing up this week. I'm seeking words of wisdom and any useful tips that might help me calm a bit and stress less on Saturday. Thanks everyone :-)

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  • Hi there. I too have spent many years stressing about travelling with Ibs symptoms flaring up before I travel due to being so worked up. It's a problem as the more you stress the worse the Ibs gets. I usually do two things if I am travelling by car. The first is I take Imodium before I travel which eventually works. Second is I find out where public toilets are along the route I am taking eg motorway stops or if your not going motorway then where supermarkets will be. When I know this then the journey does not seem so long because you have in your mind that you can stop at the toilet if you need too. For me it's more controlling how I feel mentally, if I know I can stop at toilets along the route then it helps. I hope this is of some use to you. For future reference my consultant and I believe my Ibs gets worse the more I stress about it, he recommended hypnotherapy. I did go and get a few sessions based on Ibs and stress and so far it has helped me. I feel as if I am a bit more in control and have relaxed a wee bit about Ibs and toilet visits. For me it's definitely helped. I know it's too late for you to go before your holiday but it's something to consider when you come home. Good luck, I hope this has helped you and enjoy your holiday.

  • Try Bachs Rescue Remedy - They do sprays - pastilles. I use it before I fly and find it helps me to keep calm.

    Pocket size so easy to carry around and there when you need it most. I carry mine at all times.

  • Thanks guys. Do you know where I can access lists of services and stops?

  • Hi lucycornwall,

    I went to london for three days with the family last week(it was fabulous). I to was totally stressing out about the journey, I have been really bad last two weeks with IBS-D doctor signed me off work for 2 weeks. We went by train which was not to bad because there is a toilet on board. Best thing to do is look at the route you are going, motorways, A-roads then go on line and it will give you all service stations.

    Good luck and enjoy your holiday

    Remember the more you stress the more you will be on the toilet.


  • Hi Lucycornwall,

    I know exactly how you are feeling. I take 3 loperamide every morning (these are prescribed) and if I am going to travel, I take 2 the night before. Sometimes I take 6 per day if I am really worried. However, when I first started taking them several years ago, I didn't need that many, so you may find you are OK with less. It is trial and error I'm afraid, but at least I am able to have a life these days. Good luck with your holiday. Once you have peace of mind it helps any way, and it's like a cloud lifting, and one feels 'normal' which is great.

  • Hi Lucycornwall

    Re the comment from deepest, I have a friend who flew regularly to Australia to give lectures at the Dept. of Engineering at Melbourne. She found it hard to sleep after the journey but needed to, in order to give the lecture well. She always used Bach's Rescue Remedy spray to relax her and help her sleep. I've used it during the day if I have a stressful situation and it is good. Travel well.

  • Hi Lucycornwall,

    I don't know how you might feel about this suggestion but you could consider protective underwear. That way should the worst happen you can be more confident that it will be contained and personally I have found it helpful. Tena offer a discrete one - it’s in a pink/purple pack - Medium - 12 pads per pack for Ladies and from supermarket (Asda/Tesco) costs approx £8. I found them near sanitary towels etc. If you look on the Tena website they offer different sizes and absorbancy. Just an idea. Hope you enjoy your holiday.

  • I recommend using Tena in this sort of situation. It was a real help to me a while back when I Needed a toilet desperately, we were on a retail park and I was on crutches (just had a hip replacement). I asked in every shop on the park and none had a toilet for the public, my husband remembered that B & Q have a toilet and I had to leg it with my bad hip the whole length of the park to reach them. I did have an accident but the Tena managed to contain it and I was able to dispose of it in the toilet and I dont think the friends we were with noticed anything. Sorry to be so explicit but I wanted to reassure you that Tena do help in our situation.

    Hope all goes well for you.

  • Thanks everyone. I've stocked up on Imodium and buscopan and will have luggage with me so in any 'worst case scenario' situations I'll be prepared. Being from the country there should be plenty of bushes should I be desperate! I'm trying not to worry or stress too much as it will do no good and I'm just gonna try and think of other things. Hopefully in the long run there will be a sense of accomplishment at the end and I will be able to reduce my travel phobia. It's so reassuring that I'm not alone and you have all helped me enormously.

  • For emergency situations I take Imodium but I find it better if I take it the night before - the flipside is constipation and gas. I also find co-codomol quite good for a temporary 'freeze' - I read somewhere that codeine used to be prescribed for 'spastic colon' (the old name for IBS)

  • PS - Forgot to say that I only ever buy generic Loperamide for about 99p rather than branded imodium for £3+ :)

    I have alternating C & D IBS so very unpredicable.

    I believe The Gut Trust have a list of toilets that people with IBS are allowed to use - often in business buildings. There aren't many and as most of us know, it isn't just about the availability of a toilet but the potential embarrassment etc. People just don't understand that it isn't as simple as 'going to the toilet if you need to'

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