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10 days into my low Fodmap diet very up and down is this normal


Can anyone else tell me about their experience on the low Fodmap diet ( English version which includes some things excluded by the Monash diet) I have just been away and ;managed to stick to the diet and actually felt not too bad most of the time but with bad stomach sometimes. Still taking anti nausea tablets didn't take one yesterday but had to today as felt sick this morning. Stomach also bad again discomfort more than pain. Does this sound normal or should I be feeling incrementally better I am trying to stay positive but failing at the moment. My dietician says stick to the diet for a month when I will see her again, can anyone say if this sounds like their experience. I know the low fodamp diet does not work for everyone I suspect ;that I am expecting too much too soon.

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Although I had an improvement in my symptoms in less than a week on the FODMAP diet, like you, I was a bit up-and-down with it. I eventually twigged that there were a couple of trigger food items that were listed as being safe, but obviously weren't so for me. Once I had identified those, I was able to cut them out and it was plain sailing after that. Can you think of anything you always eat just before you have a bad day?

Have you kept a diary of what exactly you have eaten/drunk? If not than you must in order to chunk down and find the culprit that is still giving you unwanted symptoms.

I found ginger candy is terrific for nausea. (or ginger tea or fresh grated ginger, etc)

I'm three and a half weeks in to fodmap diet. Not always good results. Two or three days of bad symptoms. I think I found other trigger foods though. Keep at it and check what else you ate on the bad days. Avoid coffee too, even though its not always mentioned on the fodmap. Some possibles like sprouts are probably worth taking out too.

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