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An IBS case and Kinesiology

Here is a case of a man with IBS and how we used Kinesiology to support him.

How many sessions: 8 over a 2 year period

What I did in the clinic: I have always worked on supporting his digestive system and utilizing Kinesiology techniques for the Ileo Caecal Valve. I have also supported his glandular system to minimize the impact of stress in his life.

What he did at home: Cut out wheat and milk and changed his diet. He incorporated a protein and fibre shake into his diet also. This worked almost instantly and he felt much better. If he integrates too much wheat in his diet he becomes aware that his digestion needs further support and work.

What supplements he took: B complex, Glandular support, Food enzymes, Organic protein shake, Water soluble fibre powder, Fat soluble fibre powder

What he says: IBS was a constant worry in my life causing great discomfort and stress, my doctor could offer me no cure just the usual words of advice proving to be no help at all. By a recommendation I came across Claire and her practice and over the course of the last two years the results have been nothing short of amazing! Gone is the constant worry of IBS and the stress to be replaced by a new found confidence in every aspect of my life.


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thank you!


I am very interested in this type of therapy however i cant seem to find a practitioner in my area :( (south coast ) who can do this particular type of kineisiology.


Hi sickandsore, we are based in the South Coast, here are our clinics



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