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The story of the CANCER fighter

Well it all started on Good Friday..

It wasn't a very good Friday at all as my dad was input in hospital just2 days before and at 12:30pm on Good Friday MY DAD was told that he had stage 4 lung cancer and several brain tumours and when he told me this MY heart literally dropped to the floor... a free days later MY DAD was able to come home. Before he was put in hospital he was in a right state. Throwing up anytime he moved, his head booming with pain and blacking out... now I am 10 years old and I was terrified. But when he was out of HOSPITAL he was having a CT guided biopsy on the lung and the hospital decided they wanted to try chemotherapy unfortunately after 2 rounds of it and after a scan it showed that his brain tumours had got worse so then they wanted to try radiotherapy that leads me up to last Saturday when he had to get an emergency ambulance to take him to HOSPITAL because he had a lot of pain in the back of his head and on Monday on the following week they started radiotherapy and just today he has came home and you know that CT scan I told you about earlier WELL he got the lung scan results back and that has got slightly got worse and spread but my dad will try anything to kill cancer ever though it does not surrender easily..

Thanks for reading