Thought provoking Questions & Answers to cancer & WHY ME

Why do people get cancer in the first place?

Why do people lose their fight against cancer?

Why does cancer come back?

Is it simply because the disease has just gone too far & infected the body making it impossible for the body to actually recover? and this is what the majority of people ; professionals, family & the individual believe because they don't fully understand it & there are no 100% answers?


Is it the the fact that the body could recover from the cancer if it had the perfect support it needed in the form of nutrition, well being, happiness & overall fitness? Is it possible that even though people go through the life changing operations to cut out or remove the cancer, did it start or does it come back because of the other factors in their lives not been addressed? This being that the patient has gone through so much trauma that he or she simply now gives up or resides in a lowered state of mind therefore making themselves more vulnerable to any disease including cancer? Therefore should all cancer patients receive life coaching therapy to deal with nutrition, well being, fitness & state of mind to stop depression & anxiety? to help them put a better life back together that could naturally fight off all illnesses?

Comments and thoughts all welcome as everyone is entitled to their opinion.

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My thoughts on this - purely on my own situation - are at aftercc.blogspot.co.uk/, but I do think David Servan-Schrieber got it about right in 'Anticncer; a New Way of Life'.



Thank you Isadora for sharing this with us,it has aroused some deep thoughts & I hope to take on board some of the things that are mentioned here.

Regards Ian