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hi all, in 1975 i was diagnosed and treated with TB in my legs aged 4 by symptoms of bruising to my legs, at the same time my mother was diagnosed with it on her chest and both treated. now i am aged 45 and for the last several years i have had problems with my legs becoming numb, swelling, burning sensation whilst standing, pins an needle feelings to my shins and weakness whilst walking, i have not seen my GP over this as i have put it down to old injury's (1) being a shattered heel bone to my right foot which was never operated on, the second i had a scan only on my left knee and was operated for torn cartilage.

recently my mother was diagnosed with COPD and shadows were found on her lungs which was a bit of a scare for her and the family, she was found to be clear of cancer which was our worries but only to find out that the shadows were scaring from her TB in 1975 ! this makes me wonder if the TB in my legs has left any damage to me ? im not that clued up on Tuberculosis so was wondering if any advice from TB survivors and any further problems they've had can help me on this ?



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Hi Pete,

You are right that TB can cause lasting damage to the body. When you are ill with TB the bacteria actually destroy living tissue - which is why TB was called consumption in the past. Early diagnosis and treatment limits the amount of damage that TB can do, giving the best chance that someone will recover fully. Delays in treatment are most associated with irreversible damage to the body.

That said, it is unlikely that damage from TB would only cause symptoms years later. It is possible that any damage from TB may make you more vulnerable to other conditions though. Either way, you should discuss your symptoms with your GP and mention that you were treated for TB in the past. Your symptoms are worthy of investigation whatever the potential cause.

Best wishes,


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Thanks Helen, yes my mother was told irreversible, I have tried to explain the pain and feelings in my legs to my previous GP a few years ago but was fobbed off basically, I'll speak with my new GP see if she can refer me for scans etc.



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