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Have Copd, Taking precautionary TB MEDS is it a good idea?

I have copd,,,just started having slight breathing problems, I also have inactive TB i got this over 35 yrs ago,but was never offered treatment until now,,,my doctor wants me to take medicine for it ISONIAZID 300 1 a day for 9 months ,,,does anyone know anything about this drug,, doc ,says hard on the liver,,,r there any other side effects? ??? Appreciate any replies. ..

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Dear Larry, I was prescribed this drug 55 years ago as part of a multi-drug regime. Still around. Best wishes, Geoff


Hi, you need to give sputum sample because if your tb is not active, then don't take them. They are very strong and they put your liver under strain and can give you flushes, headaches and mood changes. You also need to stay away from tuna, cheese and alcohol. Good luck x



R u okay now , read about ur collapse lung, sorry to hear about that I hope it's okay now...this drug isoniazid 300 did they give u this drug for ur treatment of tb,,,, I'm supposed to take this pill for 9 months so my inactive TB doesn't come out,,,since I have copd,,,my immune system will be weak in my later stages,,,read 90 percent effective,,Did u take this pill as treatment if so for how long? Thanks for the reply,,


Hi Larry, thank you for asking, I'm still 4 months into my treatment and still have a collapsed lung, but I'm doing ok, get breathless really quickly and my lung aches all the time but I have no choice. I can't afford not to go so I just have to pace myself.

I am still taking isoniazid. COPD is horrible and having latent TB is always a difficult one to decide to take isoniazid or not. Because if you become active you have no choice but do you take the gamble of getting hepatitis from isoniazid when your only latent? To me, it's like a flip of a coin! Good luck Larry will be thinking of you


Never heard of this.


It only applies, if u tested positive for tb

with that skin test,,indicates u have been exposed to tb and it's latent in and may be come active if u immune system depressed


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