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Autoinflammatory Alliance Members & Followers

The AUTOINFLAMMATORY ALLIANCE (a US non-profit based in San Francisco) is requesting that its members and followers tag themselves on their international autoinflammatory map.

In order to tag for Sweet's syndrome - click on additions (add marker- simple), add your location, choose the LIGHT PURPLE marker for Sweet's syndrome, and submit.

Additional tags: SUNSET for Behcet's syndrome.

MAP: zeemaps.com/map?group=1114693

Autoinflammatory Alliance Facebook Group (closed group - request to join): facebook.com/groups/nomidal...

BLOG: autoinflammatory.org/

Please note: you may find this group very useful if you have a child with an autoinflammatory condition such as Sweet's syndrome.

Michelle (admin).

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Thanks to everyone that tagged! :-)


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