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Foot Injury - PTTS

Hi I,m new here .. hoping for some experienced advice. I'm retired and normally do a lot of hill walking. 18 months ago I rooted up a very aged hedge that did not want to be rooted up. In the process the arch of my foot sustained damage. Foot swollen and unable to walk for weeks. Scan showed fibre damage to the tibia tendon at the anchor point to the foot. Refused surgery. Nursed it back to health and have a near normal foot now. Self physio. Arch has returned and I can stand on my toes. But not up to hill walking. Foot feels sore and the ankle goes over and flat foots me. How do I get the ankle strengthened. Boots help but the I miss my walking.

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Can you have a word with your Gp and maybe ask for a physio referral. We are not here to give out medical advice but you could try the strong and flex to see if it helps strengthen your joints and muscles,


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